Donations and the support of the City and County of Honolulu. In 1931 community leaders and Dr. Robert Faust, a City and County physician, recommended the City assume the financial responsibility for the residents, and a larger home was constructed at Maluhia’s current site. The name changed to the Maluhia Convalescent Home in 1939, now with the capacity to care for 165 patients. A new 3 story building was constructed to improve services in 1949, now serving the indigent, City and County pensioners, City and County prisoners, and others. The bed capacity rose to 265.

In 1956 Maluhia Hospital was recognized as a chronic care hospital by the Territorial Department of Health and the United States Surgeon General. In 1970 Maluhia became a part of the State Department of Health, licensed as a skilled nursing facility with a capacity of 150. Then, in 1973, beds were assigned to intermediate care level as well. In 1980 the 150 beds were designated as swing SNF-ICF beds, and that bed count increased to 158 in1984. The word “hospital” was dropped from Maluhia’s name in 1987.

In 1996 the Hawaii State Legislature passed Act 262 which united 12 public facilities (except Hawaii State Hospital) on all of the islands except Molokai under one organization, the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, a public benefit corporation. Leahi Hospital and Maluhia are the Oahu Region.

Maluhia has been actively involved in community based programs and services as well. In 1981 Maluhia opened the first adult day health program in the State of Hawaii. In 1988 it then added the Home Health Care Program for the Uninsured and Underinsured through a federal grant. It was licensed as a Home Health Care Program in 1990 and certified by Medicare in 1991. The Maluhia PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Program began in 1991 and received Medicaid waiver status in 1994. That same year Maluhia Home Health commenced the Medicaid Waiver Hospital Waitlist Demonstration Project. The Waitlist Demonstration Project continued through 1997 and PACE closed in 2007. Maluhia Adult Day Health today serves around 70 participants. Maluhia Geriatric Physician Services was added in 2007 to provide medical support. In 2006 Maluhia began offering meals through the Maluhia Express Meals program.

In 1996 the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Elderly Housing at Maluhia was dedicated. This project was jointly sponsored by Maluhia and Pacific Housing Assistance Corporation as a 40 unit Assisted Living Facility.