Recreational Therapy

Recreational TherapyThe involvement of the residents, family members, friends, and care givers allows us to capture the history of our residents’ past interests. Their cultural and individual needs along with past lifestyle routines are the basis for the types of activities planned. This information is what allows the Activities staff to develop and implement activities that are meaningful to our residents. Recreational Therapy uses life skills, leisure activities, recreation and play to promote health and wellness and to maximize our residents’ ability to improve their quality of life.

Activities are conducted on weekdays, weekends, evenings and holidays. Please refer to this link for the Activities Calendar or at each resident’s bedside, in the day rooms, at the Nurses’ station or the Daily Activity Schedule located near the elevators.

You may contact the Unit Activity Coordinator at 832-6119, for further information.

AT Maluhia, we have two family rooms for our residents and their families to use. They can be reserved in advance, and allow our families to have a more private setting to gather together and share an activity, a meal, or a special family gathering.

Maluhia is very grateful to the Hawaii Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers who assisted us in the furnishing of these rooms. The Chapter adopted Maluhia as their community service project, and we are so proud of the two family rooms they created. It furthers our goal of having a more homelike setting.

If you are at Maluhia during the week between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm you can go to the Operator’s desk in the main lobby and ask to use one of the family rooms. From 4:30pm-7:00pm, the Recreational Therapy or Nursing Supervisor is available to open the rooms. To make advance reservations please contact the Recreational Therapy department at 832-6119 or 832-3005.