Patients & Visitors

Visiting Hours: Visits from family and friends help to ease the resident’s transition from their home to this new living environment. Just like home, Maluhia has no set visitation hours but only asks visitation times are respectful to the resident and his/her roommates.

Resident Meal Times: Residents are generally served breakfast from 6:30am – 7:30; lunch from 11:30am – 12:30pm and dinner from 4:45pm – 5:30pm. Arrangements can be made for meals to be served earlier or later depending on the resident’s preference.

Daily Newspaper: The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is delivered daily to Maluhia. The Recreational and Occupational Therapy departments receive copies for the residents to share. If you are interested in having a personal subscription delivered, please contact the Social Services department and they will assist in arranging for a paper and delivery to the resident.

Flower Delivery: Local flower shops provide delivery to the resident directly as specified by the loved one at the time of purchase.

Internet Access: Resident and visitor wireless access is provided as a courtesy, free of charge, with the completion and agreement to the Oahu Region Wireless Access Request form. The communication is not secure and there is no guarantee on the performance or availability of the services.

Mail: Mail is delivered to Maluhia from Monday through Friday. Resident mail is distributed to the Social Services office and is delivered to the resident on the day it is received.

E-mail: E-mails to residents can be sent to the resident via the Recreational Therapy (RT) department at Please be sure to include the resident’s full name in the subject line.

Cafeteria: Maluhia’s cafeteria offers complete meals to visitors for $6.00. The visitor must sign-up in the cafeteria before 9:30 am to reserve a meal and purchase a meal ticket from the operator. The meal includes the entrée of the day, starch, hot or cold vegetable, dessert and coffee or tea. A sandwich or saimin complete meal may be purchased without advanced notice. The cafeteria is opened from 10:30am – 12:30 pm and from 5:15pm – 6:00pm.

Family Rooms: Maluhia has two professionally decorated family rooms located on the 1st floor. These rooms offer more privacy and were designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere for residents and their visitors to gather, socialize, reminisce and watch television. The rooms accommodate between 6-7 visitors.

Gathering Spaces: When leaving the facility for parties or other functions becomes more challenging for the resident, families are encouraged to bring the party to Maluhia. Small parties can be held in the Family Rooms and larger parties can be arranged in the conference or activity rooms.

Chapel: Maluhia does not have a designated chapel, but does offer quiet space for prayer and reflection when needed. The RT department hosts a variety of spiritual programs on a weekly and monthly basis. All services and Bible study sessions are listed on the Activity Calendar.

Resident Family Gatherings: Maluhia offers several activities throughout the year that encourages Residents and their Families/Visitors to enjoy time together in a festive atmosphere.

Resident Council: Resident Council meetings are held each month. The President and Vice-President preside over the Council meetings and the social services department helps to coordinate and document the meetings. The meetings serve an educational purpose as well as an opportunity for our residents to meet one another express their concerns.

Family Meetings: Family meetings are offered quarterly and serve an educational purpose. The Maluhia Administrator and Director of Nursing report on current issues the facility is experiencing. Community members are invited to present on a topic of interest. Family meetings are also a good time for family members to meet others who may be experiencing similar challenges.