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About Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC)

HHSC is the fourth largest public health system in the country and the largest provider of healthcare in Hawaii. HHSC is the “Safety Net” for Neighbor Island Acute Care and the “Safety Net” for Long-Term Care (LTC) in the state of Hawaii. The system operates 1,275 licensed beds in facilities located on five different islands. In Fiscal Year 2010 HHSC hospitals provided a total of 21,984 acute care admissions and 78,216 acute care patient days; 1,240 long-term care admissions, 190,951 long-term care patient days; 3,560 babies born and 104,156 emergency room visits. A total of 1,253 licensed acute and long-term care beds are operated in HHSC regions and twelve facilities.

The mission of HHSC is to provide and enhance accessible, comprehensive healthcare services that are quality-driven, customer-focused, and cost-effective. The vision of HHSC is to be the provider of choice for the communities it serves, employer of choice for its staff, and system of choice for its physicians. To further the development of its delivery system, HHSC works closely with physician organizations and other healthcare providers in the planning and implementation of joint business strategies. Physicians, community leaders, and employee representatives are involved in local as well as corporate decision-making. Most of the facilities have fundraising foundations that provide the communities an opportunity to provide financial gifts to their local hospitals.

Since 1996 Hawaii Health Systems Corporation has served as a bridge between Hawaii’s state hospitals, linking 12 unique facilities on five islands with common goals and objectives aimed at efficiency, ingenuity and teamwork. HHSC, an agency of the State of Hawaii, is a progressive corporation providing quality-driven, customer-focused and cost-effective programs and services. For more information, please see their website at www.hhsc.org.