The Yahiku Family

Our mom, Yukiko Yahiku was admitted to Maluhia for rehabilitation on 2 occasions due to falls. During her stay, her overall health and strength improved and was able to return back home.

In August 2010, she fell again. The family felt it was in her best interest to stay at Maluhia for long term care, as she was familiar with the staff and their daily routine.

She is now 93 years old and enjoys her “new home”. She participates in daily activities, exercises  and looks forward to the volunteers who visit weekly.

We have attended 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas functions that are planned by the staff. IT’S AWESOME!!! We appreciate their support/time to plan all the activities for the families and their loved ones.

The entire staff is very attentive to her needs. Our family is very pleased with the care she is receiving. We can now sleep with peace of mind knowing she is safe and happy.

Mom always says, “NO WORRY” because she knows she’s in good hands and being well cared for.


-The Yahiku Family